We made an interview with Mr. Alexander Bolliou, CEO of Latexco about Sleepwell Expo 2015

Latexco is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of latex foam components for the bedding industry. The company produces a large range of mattress cores, toppers and pillow cores. Always in search for the true nature of sleeping they find ways to improve the quality of people’s sleep. Latexco combines the flexibility and responsiveness of a family-owned business with the strengths of an international player.

Besides the headquarters in Tielt (Belgium), Latexco also has production and logistical facilities in Spain (Zaragoza), USA (Georgia & California) and Indonesia (Surabaya) & decentralized sales offices in Singapore, Italy and Spain. The bedding manufacturers that transform their cores and toppers into finished mattresses and pillows can count on a strong integrated approach: a high-quality product, developed in an ecologically balanced and sustainable way and delivered through fast and reliable service.

Can you inform us about you and your company?

“My name is Alexander. I am CEO of Latexco. We are latex producing company from Belgium. That is the second time that we present here at Sleepwell Expo. We are very happy and satisfied about how everything is well organized.” How is your fair? This is the second time held. Which one is better? “I think what we have seen is the fair has grown. There is much more exhibitor compared to last year and more attendance of people. It has better professional atmosphere compared to last year. So there are steps have been taken.”

What do you think about next years of fair?

“The fair will surely grow in the coming years. Maybe we should consider to do it only once every two year. Because every year is quite for us, it is a quite big investment to be here. We see that other fairs like in U.S. and Germany are only done every two year so maybe that could be an advice to you and you should consider to do it every two years. And then I think it will further grow and you will have more people coming to the show.” What about exhibitors? “You see booths and stands are nicer compare to last year. You see exhibitors are investing more to be present here are being more professional and nicer. So I think everyone is very happy with the show.”

What would you like to add?

“I want to congratulate Sleepwell organizer and good luck for the future.”