Sleepwell Expo | Testimonials


What do you want to comment on Sleepwell Expo fair that was held for the second time in Turkey?

First of all we thank to those who planned its concept, organized, participated in and visited this show. Having a part in these activities, I personally have been so happy. It happened to be beyond our expectations. I hope that it will be more successful in the future. My companies and I will always give full support we can for further progress of the Sleepwell Expo fair. We are ready to contribute to it.

What is your evaluation about visitor and participant profile of the fair?

Both the number of participants and their profile have changed remarkably. There was more participation from abroad. They were larger companies. One of the top firms in the world was also in the fair. I believe that this has contributed much to the effectiveness of the event. General profile of the visitors is naturally regional, however, more foreign visitors are expected for the next edition of the fair.

What do you think about the position of Sleepwell Expo will be in the future?

People are tired of visiting the same and similar fair held in China each year. It is hard for them to go there. Another fair is held biannually; this is also a minus point. The location of the fair is right both in geographical sense and vis-a-vis to the size of mattress industry in Turkey. So, I think it will be better in the future. We repeat our appreciations for your efforts.



As the 112th in abroad, and 47th store in Europe, Bellona, a brand of Boydak, keeps expanding in distribution by offering functional products in the world. The new store is located at the center of Wien. Board member Bekir Boydak said, “We have been serving at about 800 stores in 60 countries. Our target is to grow 12 percent in 2015 and have 1000 stores by the year 2023. We offer a wide range of models, fabrics and color selections to our customers in Wien. Austria is a market that has a large Turkish population and other nationalities that have similar cultural background. We planned to open a store in Marsaille in December. We are proud to have large scale of retail operations at the heart of Europe.”

We had been at Sleepwell Expo last year. It was the first fair in the bedding technology industry. The only fair in the world in this segment is ISPA, so Sleepwell is important. New products and offerings, technologies and machinery were exhibited. Companies should not spare their support for this event. I believe that this fair will expand more in its next editions. We are happy with the fair. There are very special and serious buyers here. Most were back to their countries with variety of benefits. Our booth was one of the busiest stands in the fair. We even sold machinery. Readiness is important for the event. People come here with high expectations to find new things. We have been prepared for the event in great detail. Now got the fruits.



 The fair was more successful than our expectations. Enquiries and demand are rising. We could not have time even for short breaks, because there were so many visitors. We will participle in the fair next year, as well.



The fair directly addresses to both right participants and visitors in the sector. Almost all the people in the event were either buyer or seller. In general, the organization was running smoothly. There were many customers from abroad. Promotion of the event was successful both in Turkey and abroad. Almost all companies from domestic market were in the fair, besides there were visitors from Singapore, Sri Lanka and from four corners of the world.

For further progress of the fair, material suppliers of the industry have to participate in the fair. More variety of industrial materials and variety of companies are needed for the expansion. Popular names and leading persons of the industry will also contribute in the media impression of the event. We believe that next editions of the event will be more beneficial for the bedding industry in general.



The fair was so good for us. We found opportunities to introduce our new products. Besides, we have met many new customers. Sleepwell Expo has more alternatives than other fairs. We participated in for the first time and now we are more optimistic for future potential of the event. It is already in competition with ISPA. We will be one of the loyal participants for Sleepwell Expo. We express our appreciations for all friends who organized this fair.



What would you tell about second edition of Sleep Well Expo?

Interest in the fair increases every passing day. We see this, also this kind of events must multiply on behalf of the sector, namely as long as this kind of organizations increase allows us meet with both consumers, dealers in the domestic market and export customers more easily. I think it will improve more every passing day. I guess seemingly two or three years later we will not find space to take step here.

What would you tell about fair as both exhibitor and visitor portfolio?

Frankly, 10 or 15 unit export negotiations happened, it is good on behalf of a start. There are also negotiations in the domestic market. As long as negotiations intensify it would be better but it might come to a better point than the current situation. We will see altogether.

What will Sleepwell Expo add to the mattress sector?

One of the most important things of the mattress sector is openly network in this century. It would be in which sector. Fairs are the venues where two sources come together for the joint projects by bringing together buyers and sellers. In this meaning fairs are very well vehicles, as in every sector. I think the mattress sector turns this to the favor of its advantage with the same algorithm.

Where do you foresee Sleepwell Expo after a few years?

In my point of view, after 5 years I think we will not find space to walk through. Because of trend that I see from last year to this time is quite well, frankly I thank.



This edition of the fair was really successful. We express our satisfaction and appreciations to those who organized this event. The mattress industry was promoted at the best way here. We saw many visitors coming from both domestic and foreign companies; all eager to seek new sources and to buy.

As a booming sector, the mattress industry has long been waiting for this kind of fair. Voli Fairs company has realized this fruitful event. With this fair, the mattress industry has become a separate segment and started to accelerate its growth. I believe that this fair will expand more in the future.



This is our first participation in this fair. Last year we had been in other fairs. Actually, we experienced a successful fair, which is far beyond our expectations. In other fairs such as Evteks and Intermob, only one out of ten visitors passing through our booth would be interested in our products. In Sleepwell Expo, all of every five visitors at our booth were high potential prospects for us. Almost all visitors were highly involved in what have been exhibited. Growth and sustainability of the fair is also important for us. So, we are ready to offer what we can do for support. We expressed our readiness to the organizers of this fair.

It was also important to meet the needs of present customers for the new season. We also acquired new customers during fair, especially from Balkan countries. Machinery section of the fair was also highly successful. More foreign companies are needed for further development of the fair. We thank all people contributing to this fair.



We have already expressed our views earlier, that Sleepwell Expo is an exciting event. We appreciate the importance of your efforts on the way of improving the power of the industry by organizing special events for the industry. The visitor profile for this fair has shown that the event has a potential to be a major competitor for fairs in similar field. The results we got last year in this fair was so promising that we now have participated again. We have no doubt that the fair will be greater in the future and will expand its coverage both in terms of space and participants. We believe that Turkey may be an important center for bedding industry in the world. Even the Interzum may be an alternative for this fair, not the vise versa. We did this in furniture industry and we can do it again in bedding components field with the support of Sleep Well. We as entrepreneurs believe this and we thank you all.



What would you tell about second edition of Sleepwell?

Frankly I found Sleepwell Expo successful. This fair is held for the second time. I think it is very successful for our country. You know a similar one is organized in Germany. There is Interzum that despite having planned and held two years ago, I think it would be popular in a serious way. It would be an alternative fair to Interzum within 3 to 5 years. When we make a comparison with the first edition we see more exhibitors in this edition. Last year there were two halls, this year there are three halls, and this means the fair shows advancement compared to the previous one held last year. The number of exhibitors is increasing and when we count guests from abroad this year I see they increased nearly 15-20%. There are our customers we wait, as both our new firms and current firms existing in our portfolio. generally I found successful and I look at positively. Of course, three halls are not sufficient to us. Probably the number of halls should be increased in the upcoming year. Participants should be increased too. We thank Sleepwell Expo that I found mostly successful.



Last year we got positive feedbacks, so we were here again with the same expectations. So far it is more productive. There were new participants, new customers, and our clients from several countries. We got a good opportunity to introduce ourselves to new buyers. Our clients were also satisfied. They emphasized on the importance of focus of the fair. We got their opinions about future events. They were optimistic.

The fair was also good for its timing. It coincides with the time for preparations for their 2016 collections. It was good both for us and for our customers. Earlier, fairs have been held in the first quarter of the year. In this sense we and other companies have find more time for the fair.

Sleepwell is growing each year. This time there were three halls. Combining the presenters from finished products industry and from their suppliers have increased the number of potential visitors of the fair. Ratio of satisfied customers who expressed their satisfaction is high, so there will be more in the next edition. We thank you all parties who contributed in the organization and execution of the fair. We expect more effective events and activities in the future for more visitors, participants and professionals.

Customers from Middle East were in majority besides those who came from Far East. They have been in Turkey for the first time and they saw our tests we applied on our products by themselves. We hosted them in Kayseri and Istanbul. They witnessed the development of the industry in Turkey. We have had guests from Middle East, the Balkans, England, Ireland, Italy and even Philippines. It will be even more productive in the coming years. We thank you all for everything.



I am personally happy for this edition of the fair. The fair has special meaning for us and for some of my friends. Sleepwell is kind of our baby for us. In our talks with our friends we had been thinking about having such an event that would cover only mattress related businesses out of the furniture industry. I am in the opinion that, this industry could not be developed as much as its potential in export markets. The fair is an important event for this aim. Without having any support from NGO or associations, the fair was started by the efforts of a couple of initiative people; the fair now became a professional organization. Its size and coverage have been doubled in two years. A new hall was added and affected fair businesses in other fields. We learned the benefits of collaboration. I, as my company, am exporting our products and one of the major exporters in the country. With our friends we supported the event. If we keep our support, the fair will easily become an international event. We saw here many greater brands from abroad. I hope that they will be more next year. The mattress industry keeps growing both in Turkey and abroad. I thank you all people and parties that contribute the success of this event.



We are enjoying a good fair. It is quite delighting, and we are hosting guests from abroad. Reaction of everybody to our stand and products is good. It is a happy fair.

You produce more organic products and mattresses different from other producers. What would be reaction of consumers and producers to this sector, these mattresses and products?

In fact, consumers have been reacting for a long time and thanks to this fair we have also seen how reaction of the producers is, because this is a sectorial fair. The producers came from throughout Turkey, everybody liked much. Many firms approached by stating their opinions as, “We produce normal mattresses but do we get these mattresses from you or do we make these mattresses?” We also support this approach. In fact let they produce these kinds of mattresses. If some more firms reveal in this path, awareness will also increase, so it is our wish, in this meaning. We get returns quite well.

Today there were more guests from abroad. I can say we hosted completely from abroad. We also go to the fairs abroad with that purpose and they come and see our products, maybe a position would happen to do a partnership, of course after the fair. This will be managed by the colleagues in foreign trade but a quite well profile is touring here and at least we serve to the customers having consciousness. There is no business done with the final consumer here; we are in communication with the final consumers from the stores. We want to come together with sectorial firms, suppliers and producers some more and we came together, we continue.

People will learn step by step, awareness will increase to this mattress show; participation of the producers will rise. Now it could not be known by people much more, but it will increase. Openly we expect it in the course of time. I believe that the advantages of participations in this fair in the first years, will be in the upcoming years. We struggled to join Ismob for years but unfortunately finding place is impossible. We would observe together that this fair will also see that achievement, will rise from three halls to six or more. Thanks.



By taking place at this fair we feel happy. Last year, we did not join the fair. This year we enjoyed the fair. Our visitors and current customers from many countries showed interest in the fair. For this reason we are very happy. We consider exhibiting with a bigger space next year.

In fact, I would have not expected an intensive visitor tempo this much top level and we enjoyed an intensive time in the framework of commercial relations.

I think the fair will continue by growing and strengthening more in the future years. Even currently the number of visitors at the fair, which is held in three halls, would exceed three halls. In my opinion, the fair deserves more than three halls; of course the firms like us will enlarge their spaces. Due to exhibiting their product portfolio larger, and the fair might be exhibited at a fuller, larger and more intensive space. Thanks.



 First of all, I should say that I wish that this participation to the fair will be beneficial for all the companies here.

As Comfytex, this is our first participation and we think that this fair will be in the coming years a major fair in the market. The main Turkish industries of the bedding sector will have a better way to present themselves and meet their partners from all around the World. From this point of view, it has been a really successful fair for us. Our company had the opportunity to present our new designs and new brands to our partners. Our team from the R&D department had the chance to show our new innovative products.

Comfytex is a Turkish brand and we do need this kind of opportunities to be known around the World. We will be here next year too.



The fair was better than our expectations. This year we have more visitors. We talked to many companies from all over the world. They were all greater companies with whom we could not find opportunity to encounter with them. They came from Middle East and Europe.

Sleepwell Expo is the only fair in Turkey and in the Middle East focusing on our industry. So, it will be a good example for other companies and countries. It contributed much to national economy and to commercial activities of the companies. It opened new channels and opportunities for more sales and exports. I thank all the people who contributed in the organization.



The fair fares well. It will be better if it expands more. The mattress industry has been a matured industry when separated from the furniture industry. It should be promoted more heavily; then the number of visitors and participants will be even more.

In Turkey customers do not think of buying only mattress. They still buy them with other complementary items including furniture. In the markets abroad, buyers are more conscious and keen on buying mattresses. The situation will certainly change in the future in Turkey, as well. They will buy mattresses from mattress selling companies and furniture from furniture stores. These kinds of events will contribute to the establishment of these habits in the country. We thank you all.



This is a specialty fair, focused on mattress technology and it should be supported. Almost all major players in the industry have come here and saw each other. Even competitors who could not find time and opportunity to meet their rivals are happy to be here. We share the same cake. The fair will expand more, I believe. Large number of foreign visitors were in the fair. It proves that it is already an international event. They demand more space for the next edition. The sector is known well in abroad, now the consumers are becoming more accustomed with the mattress industry. Customers have an impression that mattress is only a material. It is not an object to be set in the shop windows. It content, comfort, functions and health effects are important. Mattress culture is becoming more mature in recent years. The trends and the standards in materials and technologies will reflect into consumer markets soon. People were witnessed about what important in mattresses.



First of all we thank all the people who organized this fair. It was really a perfect organization and successful event. We believe that it will be an indispensable event for the bedding industry, as it was in its first edition last year. Companies active in mattress production and suppliers of them must support the fair as well. We got positive results. There were real buyers and involved people as visitors in the fair, direct from the industry. Although it is so young the fair attracted high volume of visitors and participants. In the future it may become a truly international fair both by its participants and visitors. We believe in this potential.



Sleepwell Expo has brought together the key people, real buyers and the people who are interested in technology. For this reason, we are so happy. We couldn’t find time to breath, while serving the visitors in our booth. There was a great interest in our stand. The fair was better than its first edition. It will be more productive in coming years.

The visitors have had specific profiles; they were focused on the mattress and related industries. They were key buyers, all professionals. We talked to some friends in the mattress industry; they were also highly satisfied with results.

We have visitors from abroad, mostly from Russia, India and Arabian region. There were domestic visitors, however, foreigners were more.

I am highly optimistic for the future of the Sleepwell Expo. We need more foreign visitors. Thus the coverage and power of the fair will be improved. We thank all people who contributed in the organization.


Marc Dokter, Owner & Managing Director ENKEV Natural

Enkev is a creative group of companies with a long history in the production and development of materials made of natural ingredients. They work with customers in the mattress, horticulture, packaging and automotive industry globally. Nature constantly replenishes these raw materials, which are unsurpassed in resilience, durability and ventilation. So Enkev supplies a complete environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic materials. Enkev is a company that has strong roots in the Netherlands. But, with branches in the UK, Poland, Russia and France, and joint ventures in China and Sri Lanka. Enkev is a truly global company.

“My name is Marc Dokter.  I am CEO of the Enkev Group. Our company is a group has many manufacturing facilities located in all Europe. We have one in England, Poland and Belgium. We are Enkev, and we make quality products from natural fibers. Since our foundation in 1932, we have become the leading processor of natural fibres. Our products can be used in almost limitless types of applications. We make filling and covering materials for the mattress and furniture industry, but our natural products are also great for packaging purposes, automotive seating, filter products and many more. We use only the very best natural sources to make our products. We produce a wide range of products from natural fibers in countries and on two continents, with exports to more than 40 countries on all continents. We sell our products which are made of natural fibers basically all of the world. Turkey  is a growing country.  We decided to be more closer to our customer.”

“The fair is a nice show for us. It is not huge but it is good for us, we made new people and prospects. We don’t need existing customer so it is interesting for us.”

“It will be little bit depend on work. We are in the fair to take notice for our products.”



We were here last year, as well. This year it attracted more and larger companies as participants and as visitors. The fair is important for us, because it focuses on the segment we are in. I am ready to provide more support for its further development. Hope that it will be an efficient event for the industry. Good number of foreign guests was in the venue and they visited our booth. We are satisfied.

Sector-focused fairs are gaining more interest in abroad and began to emerge. In addition to its trade-focused publication, Sleep Well, which is contributing much to the mattress industry, the fair will be a trendsetter event in the near future.

As a new and dynamic player in the mattress industry we, the producers in Turkey, sell our quality products to Europeans. We ask ourselves, why our people in this country do not sleep on these kind of comfortable mattresses. Our people also deserve high quality in their sleeps. However, customers are becoming more conscious on their choices. The demand for quality is rising. New stores are opening especially focused on sleep concept and sleep products. At the moment, the fair is faring on the right direction with powerful strides.



In the first edition of the fair last year there were not so many companies. This time Sleepwell Expo has done things better and attracted a great number of participants here. Almost all major companies from domestic market were here besides participants from abroad. The fair hit the main focus of the industry and is successful more than expected. I think it will be a competing fair for IMOB in the future. In only two years we may see here 9 to 10 halls devoted to sleep products industries.



What would you tell about the second edition of Sleepwell Expo?

Firstly it is very important having a fair in the basis of the sector. We have also exerted effort of what we can do in order to hold such a fair and let it continue for long years. We thank you and dear administrators. In fact, there was a gap of this kind of a fair in Turkey and this must have been filled. I hope Sleepwell will fill this deficiency. We look at the event through this eye, we also discussed enlargement of this fair at the meeting we held yesterday evening. We spoke with other firm representatives on what can be done. I hope the fair will continue increasingly in terms of both exhibitors and visitors in the upcoming years. As for the customer portfolio, of course mostly foreign firms in more rates will increase in the next years. Here there are giant firms of the world; Bekaert Tekstil, Yataş, Ümit Makine, Elektroteks, Forum Sünger these firms are foremost firms on behalf of them in the world. There are tens of exporting firms as long as seeing these firms openly we also boast. We support this fair as the firm and I hope we will get better results in the upcoming fairs. We also joined the first edition. We gained a good success and I hope we will be beneficial from this fair too. We are a firm exporting to 81 countries. We want to increase the number of country in exports and we are in pursuit of what kind of contribution will happen to our country and our firm and we have the capacity and power to achieve this. I think, we are a good firm as machinery parking and employee. In the next years, I think, we will reap the fruits. Our colleagues remained at the stand more and they would evaluate this issue much more. I give the voice to Ms. Özden Management Representative of the firm.



In this edition there is a very serious activity. Since the first day there is an intensive participation. The ratio of foreign firms’ participation seems much more than the number of Turkish firms. Foreign rate that came to our stand is in 70-80% and this is a good condition for us; opening abroad is a condition which brings advantage every time. We thank you and Sleepwell Expo.



What would you tell about second edition of Sleep Well Expo?

Primarily we thank regarding your contributions. We had exhibited last year also and last year our visitors were over our expectations despite being first edition. This year there are more exhibitors than last year, especially featuring a specialized fair is very important for us. Normally, domestic fairs are held, but we did not find much more space and were overcrowded, and regarding there was not specialized fair in our sector did not perform productive, efficient. This fair is quite effective. Maybe the number of visitor is not much more compared to other fairs, however regarding everybody comes to the fair peculiar to their business all of stands are full and all of them negotiate business. In other words, there is no unnecessary visitor portfolio. We are glad from this year’s performance. The fair venue requires being enlarged some. Especially upper floors are very good but the lower floor is insufficient. If this point is taken into consideration by the officials of the fair, we will be glad. We are glad overall.

If you evaluate in terms of both exhibitor and visitor, what would you tell?

As I said before, we join for the second time. We had also participated last year. This year participant profile is good. They are entirely related with mattress and equipment sector. Important companies take place. In terms of visitors, our target audience is the Middle East and neighboring countries and the Balkans, which are our primarily export regions. There are visitors in outstanding number from those regions. We have used this fair in an effective way because of your promotion works as well as our customers that we informed before. There are also our customers with whom we met first time, in addition to our current customers. Thanks.



This year the fair is more organized and more efficient. Number of participants and visitors are higher than before. Quality of the fair has been improved. It is evident from the designs, applications and themes of the booths. We have experienced what we expected. The fair is growing, developing and aiming for more space in the venue.

In terms of participants, I can say that almost all of the leading players of the industry were here. We are so happy to see that. The region has long been awaiting for this kind of an event. Every part and elements of the bed and sleep industries are produced in Turkey. Being a center of attraction is another plus. We had witnessed heavy involvement of visitors from the Balkans and the Middle East. In the future edition of the fair, there will be more participants and visitors from South America, America and far away locations.

In a few years or so, the fair will become a major competitor for the fairs held in Germany. Especially, the booths of foreign companies were signaling the future success of Sleep Well on the way of becoming a global event.



This fair is both new and valuable for Turkey. Earlier, there were neither publications nor trade fairs focused on mattresses. It was needed seriously. The fair reflects the development of the mattress industry in Turkey and the size of the industry in the world. Almost whole world of the mattress industry was here. There were all the people interested in sleep products from companies and visitors from all over the world. We saw this, and we are happy. The fair will be a standard and traditional event for the industry. We support the fair. We have been taking part in every step of Sleepwell as a publication and as a trade fair.



The fair was so good. We had talks with participants, besides we presented the development of the mattress industry in Turkey to foreign guests. Be they are sellers or producers they have witnessed the progress of the industry in the country. Fairs are not suitable place for hot selling and aggressive marketing. They are valuable opportunity getting to know about potential buyers and consumers.



We have been satisfied with the fair. All our expectations were met. We established very successful relationships with our guests and other participating companies. We have found valuable times for being with our peers and our competitors. All of them have expressed their satisfaction about the fair organization.

The fair is valuable for us because we can watch the developments and innovations in the industry. All the companies think so. We see the results of the activities done in the fair. We also keep watching developments reflected in your publication Sleep Well. See you at the next edition.



What do you want to comment on Sleepwell Expo fair that was held for the second time in Turkey?

While preparing for the first edition of this fair, we had said that it would be a good candidate to be an alternative for the Cologne fair if we, as machinery producing companies, would put our support to it. We had talks with machine manufacturing companies. They also said that in its second edition the fair has gone beyond the expectations. Almost all of the visitors were professional people coming from the sector, domestic and international. It seems that next editions of the fair will offer more than expected to both exhibitors and visitors.

As you know, companies, which produce machinery for mattresses, the parts demanded by mattress industry and those companies who make mattresses were all convened in this fair. What does it mean for the development of Sleepwell Expo Fair?

The lack of communication among the main players of the value chain of the mattress industry was the major handicap of the industry. The fair serves them to unite in one platform. It is also good for foreign visitors and exhibitors. The mattress producers seek the machinery firms and then they seek technology to acquire, all seek new customers for their offerings. We also wanted that quilt producers would be in the fair to complete the chain. This time, Ozka company, a quilt maker, was in the fair. Next year we expect that the producers in Denizli will show up in the fair. I hope that, next year we will expand our coverage more having every sector and segment of the business. We thank you all, for your efforts and contributions.



We were among the companies that were consulted for the organization of this event last year. Since then we have been putting our support for the fair and we will continue to do so in coming years. Last year there was a large number of visitors and participants coming from several parts of the world. We have been expecting growing number of participants for this year as well. As expected an additional hall was opened and sold 100 percent to 90 percent. This shows the interest of companies and people in this event.

On the other hand, economic and political events occurred in the country and abroad have lead to a slowdown in the economy. Rising rates of foreign currencies both in Turkey and in foreign markets and the events in neighboring countries may have limited the number of visitors. In spite of these we have made promising talks with our customers and visitors. I talked to several managers of participating companies, they all seemed satisfied and desire to participate in next year as well. I think that the area will not be sufficient for growing demand. You have to expand the floor space in the third edition, even you need the forth and fifth halls. We may attract new companies and visitors from Europe, America, Australia, South Africa and far away countries. Your company and we sent invitations to all of our accounts and customers for the fair.

We have been in the mattress industry for more than 40 years as producer. We invited all names in our account book. We saw almost all companies we have been operating in the same business. They also invited their customers to visit the fair. There were a large list of prospective visitors, composing from larger companies in global markets, in America, Australia and England. We saw the encouragement of Turkish producers for this fair by participating or visiting the event. We thank you and all companies who took part in the organization.



This is my first visit to this fair. As far as I saw, machinery, technology and materials sections of the fair are highly active. In line with the growing number of companies of mattress and sleep products it will become more effective for the industry.

This is the only fair focused on our sector. I am a member of MOSDER, the association of furniture industrialists. Having this kind of a fair is a real and rare opportunity for our industry, for the countries in the region.

Most of the participants in this fair were aware of the Interzum fair held in Germany, Ispa in the USA and iSaloni in Milan, Italy, the fairs related with mattress and sleep related products, so their expectations seemed high for Sleepwell Expo fair. Both machine manufacturers, material suppliers and mattress producers were signaling that it will be more efficient next year. I thank all the parties and people who contributed in the realization of this fair.


Mr. Alexander Bolliou, CEO of

Latexco is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of latex foam components for the bedding industry. The company produces a large range of mattress cores, toppers and pillow cores. Always in search for the true nature of sleeping they find ways to improve the quality of people’s sleep. Latexco combines the flexibility and responsiveness of a family-owned business with the strengths of an international player. Besides the headquarters in Tielt (Belgium), Latexco also has production and logistical facilities in Spain (Zaragoza), USA (Georgia & California) and Indonesia (Surabaya) & decentralized sales offices in Singapore, Italy and Spain. The bedding manufacturers that transform their cores and toppers into finished mattresses and pillows can count on a strong integrated approach: a high-quality product, developed in an ecologically balanced and sustainable way and delivered through fast and reliable service.

“My name is Alexander. I am CEO of Latexco. We are latex producing company from Belgium. That is the second time that we present here at Sleepwell Expo. We are very happy and satisfied about how everything is well organized.”

“I think what we have seen is the fair has grown. There is much more exhibitor compared to last year and more attendance of people. It has better professional atmosphere compared to last year. So there are steps have been taken.”

“The fair will surely grow in the coming years. Maybe we should consider to do it only once every two year. Because every year is quite for us, it is a quite big investment to be here. We see that other fairs like in U.S. and Germany are only done every two year so maybe that could be an advice to you and you should consider to do it every two years. And then I think it will further grow and you will have more people coming to the show.”

“You see booths and stands are nicer compare to last year. You see exhibitors are investing more to be present here are being more professional and nicer. So I think everyone is very happy with the show.”

“I want to congratulate Sleepwell organizer and good luck for the future.”



As Legget & Platt brand this is our first experience in Sleepwell Expo. We have been in Turkey just two years ago and we saw that Sleepwell is the only event in Turkey. It is so not only with the fair, but also with its publications. We are really happy with being here and we keep coming. Our team in the fair has found opportunities to meet with customers from France, England and the Balkans. Our president was also here at our first event.

The industry is rather large. It might be a regional power in the area, however it was rather introvert by now. From now on global brands will be here in Turkey. We also wanted to deliver the same message at our booth. We only exhibited mattresses of our partners, with our motto, “partners on the job”. We first thank you and then to our partners that help us to participate in this fair.

Customers are able to distinguish among the products they were offered and they know what to buy. Brands having better products are preferred more. The industry is growing fast and will grow more in the future. When the three elements of mattresses are made of quality materials, as springs, fabrics and foam, producers can get their profits of their efforts.



As Leotext Ticaret A.Ş., we joined first edition of the fair last year and we also join this year. Featuring as a specialized fair, it is a good organization which gather the entire sector such as machinery, accessories, finished goods manufacturers; it is a good organization, I hope that Sleep Well will be a specialized fair by passing ways as other renowned fairs achieved previously in the world.

As the organization I never see lack of anything but I think as promotion would be more both at home and abroad through necessary tools, media, and advertisement in news qualification.

If it could maintain its seriousness, in other words, I would say that the fair gets value with its participants. Apart from its organization if the promotion is made quite well. I believe this would improve like the fairs that much remembered in the textile sector, which are held biennially, every four years. Thank you.


Mr. Hu, Lien A Co., Ltd.

Established in 1987 by Mr. Lam Ngoc Hiep, Lien A has globalized the Vietnam mattress industry.  A family owned business, Lien A has over 25 years of expertise in producing premium latex using a proprietary recipe.  Today, Lien A continues to satisfy the need of its diverse clientele through quality products and excellent customer service.

“Lia is latex manufacturing in Vietnam. We only do %100 percent natural products. We came here because we think that Turkey is manufacturing alerted market. And we are very happy to have show here and we can charge show here.”

“SleepWell Expo exhibition is like a trend and organic product. I think you should promote the exhibition more.”

“I think so. If you can improve a little bit more about the natural and organic products like a trend and way of living products. A lot of people need natural products.”

“Turkey has not much different mattress industry from Europe and U.S. You have other different thing as an advantages compared to other countries. Also some latex in Turkey is interesting for us. Asia is best for latex anyway.”



Last year there were fewer companies. At this edition of Sleepwell there are more companies from abroad as visitors and exhibitors. The fair is growing securely and successfully. Every one of them was selected carefully. The performance of the fair was above our expectations. It may become a fair at IMOB grade. The area of the fair will certainly be expanded at next editions of the event. We thank you all.



Despite being only the second edition it is great. Firstly I would like to thank to Voli Fair Organization held this fair and the colleagues there. Really this fair organization holds the fair in the European standards. It is an extremely good presentation and displaying. Especially having been of foreign exhibitors, visitors here, is a great advantage; I hope we predict to make good things thanks to this fair.

Really there are top-level participants. As I said before the participants are in the European quality standards. With the additions a more successful results will reveal in the next edition of the fair.

Currently, predominantly, along with foreign visitors there is a productive visitor profile to reflect directly towards sales, for this reason I also see the visitors profile high quality.

sector develop in Turkey and what will be its effect to this sector in your opinion?

First of all the fair organization is very important, from now on allowing the fair organization set from three halls to more one can gain very successful results in terms of increasing the number of mattress, base producers, also participation of supplier industry, machinery industry or sellers. Thanks.



Since we were members of advisory board, we have been feeling the gap for this kind of fair. There were similar fairs in China and America, but there was not any fair combining both machinery companies and mattress component companies. This is the only fair of this kind in the world. Our expectations were high and it seemed that we have over achieved them.

Visitor profile is about the same for similar fairs held in Germany and China. There were visitors coming from neighboring countries, Europe, South America and interesting participants from Far East. It seemed that everybody in the fair seemed happy with the results and high number of visitors at the booths.

As was mentioned yesterday in advisory board of the Sleepwell Expo, we are sure that it will be one of the world’s most prestigious fair events in a short time. We also do not forget the fact that some fairs held in Germany have about 150 years of past and the Milan fair is 70 years old. We compare a fair of two years with these giants. We are proud of being a part of the organization that is so successful. It will be more comprehensive in the future, year after year. There are promising developments that will be disclosed by our friends. I especially thank your publication, Sleep Well magazine and to those who put their efforts behind its realization.



The fair was so beneficial and a success. We especially thank all who participated in the organization of this fair. As Milkay technic company we have participated several fairs in the world. When we compare this fair with similar events in the fair, we see that it has no flaws. We especially mentioned to all our visitors that this is the only fair of its kind in the world. It may be one of the top five fairs in the world that businesses should take part or to visit in about five years. We say this depending on our experiences in similar fair. Turkish companies are aware of this fact and all support it. We learned much and we will be successful. We are running on the right path. It was a highly dynamic fair. It was a highly focused event.  All people and parties in the fair were all real professionals eager to buy the right product. We worked hard to serve to large number of visitors. We talked about serious and beneficial topics with them. People coming from the Middle East and the Balkans were highly helpful for us to understand and getting to know about the markets. Next year we will be talking about the further expansion and success of this fair. We thank you all.



First of all I wish it would be good event. The success of the industries is reflected in the success of the trade fairs focused on them. They have been mutually beneficial for both sides. During the recent years, the furniture industry in Turkey has progressed remarkably. Data about exports and international fairs we have been in is a proof of this. Sleepwell Expo fair has been well organized and assumed a comprehensive identity especially for mattress industry. Attracting prestigious names and companies to the event it become a valuable meeting point for them. From then on, our job is to promote it even more in the international arena. Stability in business is important. These kinds of events should be held incessantly. We have to take more steps for the future. You, as organizers of the fair, know well the better ways in this business. I congratulate and thank you and all the parties who contributed in.



We, as Nova Foam and Mattress Industry company, participated in Sleepwell fair. It was highly productive for us. We have met with new customers from several countries, and established new contacts. We spent time with our customers. We are considering taking part in the fair with our leading company, Aydin Textile, one of our group companies.

We witnessed that it is really a professional organization. Representatives and professionals of companies serving in the industry have visited our booth.

I believe that the fair will be larger next year. This is one of the first events in our sector, and we are happy and satisfied to be here. We believe in its success and growth.

In line with the dynamism of Turkey, Sleepwell Expo is also growing as a dynamic organization for our industry. Both machinery manufacturers and mattress producing companies were in the fair. Domestic companies and those who came from foreign countries found what they need for their businesses in this fair. I believe that this fair will be a leading and trend setting event for our industry. I thank you all parties who took part in the organization.



The fair has run well beyond our expectations. There were more companies and visitors from abroad. We were happy to be here. It was very productive for us in terms of visitors’ profile. They are all knowledgeable buyers in the mattress industry. The fair was highly beneficial for producers, suppliers, and machine manufacturers who were convened at the fair. The industry will expand more. Sleepwell seemed larger than the previous one. It will expand more in the future. We thank all people who took part in the organization.



We were the early participants in this fair. It is larger than the year before, more organized and more useful. All our expectations that we have put forward last year were met this year. We wish its success. We participate in ISPA in the USA. My only wish is that the Sleepwell would be a rival event for it. I say this sincerely. It keeps its growth pace and we can catch the similar fairs in about four years. Participant profile is rather more qualified this year. The best part of the event is that it is focused only mattress and related products. We, as Ozen Yarn company, have been participating in several fairs. We are happy with the results because there were only professionals in the fair. We thank all people who organized this event.



First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to the officials who organized the Fair.

This is the first time we have participated in the event. We wish we were at the Fair last year too.

The event in which we participate has turned out to be an impressive one indeed. We are planning to participate in the forthcoming editions of the Fair. During the Fair, ÖZKA MAKİNE has attracted the interests of the visitors particularly for the automated silicon pillow filling processes.

We thank for the sincere help and support extended by the Fair officials. We wish the continuation of their successful organizations.



The Fair has showed a remarkable performance once more.

I am convinced that the event could increase its visitors further in its future editions. It should be noted that world-renowned foreign participants have all added a new dimension to the Fair. During the Fair, it has become evident that organic materials and products utilized in inner spring mattresses have become a focus of attraction more than ever before. I think the sale representatives of the participant firms should be instrumental to furnish the needed technical information for the visitors and potential buyers. A bright future lies ahead for the future of the Fair.



We decided to participate in the event most recently. Last year we had not been in the fair, as Pierre Cardin brand. However, we observed it and our observations have shown us that we should have been participating in. But we could not spare time for the event.  But, this year the fair was a real success. You have done a good job. Though it is so young, the fair has a great potential for further development. There may be more visitors, but the visitors were highly active and qualified. Effectiveness of their visits was satisfactory. Our aim in participating in this fair was to reach and serve to buyers coming from abroad. Our objective was to prove to the foreign buyers the fact that quality mattresses are made in Turkey. We thank the organizers of Sleepwell fair for their contribution to our efforts.

Manufacturers are producing products. They would be successful by utilizing the technology available for them. They also want to offer competitive and innovative products because they have to compete with other companies in the sector. I am in the opinion that the efforts and presence of the companies participating in fairs will be highly beneficial for them to improve both their competitive power and for the future development of the industry. So, we have to thank you and your organization for your contributions in this regard. You help people to come to Turkey to select Turkish made products and express their evaluations. It is important to bring the customers of larger companies who want to serve in world markets. We express our appreciations for your efforts and activities.



Compared to the previous one, the Fair has turned out to be more impressive and efficient this year. We are able to reach our targeted customers and visitors during the fair. We have had a series of special orders as far as our product range of our company is concerned. It should be emphasized that the Fair has conveyed its message in an efficient manner before and after the event. The Fair has been able to display diverse range of mattresses and the related products in an integrated framework.

Featuring as a first in its field, SLEEPWELL EXPO has been able bring the professional of mattress industry, machinery and equipment together. The Fair become an ideal exhibition venue where the state-of-the art technologies, innovative products and latest collections are exhibited. We think that the future editions of the Fair would also be successful. Thank you for the organizing officials of SLEEPWELL EXPO.



Actually, the Fair has proved to be impressive and efficient one as it was the case the last one. The event has attracted an elite number of visitors from home and abroad. We exchanged views on the future of the sector. We think that the Fair, being an ideal platform and display window for the mattress industry, would make its presence felt in its future editions as well. Thank you for the organizing and visiting people of the event.



What do you want to comment on Sleepwell Expo fair that was held for the second time in Turkey?

This is the first participation of us as Selena in the fair. Last year we only visited the event. I observed that more companies were here as participants this year. We are happy to be here. Since we have focused especially on Istanbul region as Yatas-Selena, many of our visitors were from Istanbul, Bursa and neighboring provinces. We also made talks with prospective buyers especially from Middle East and Tunis for exports.

On the effects of the fair on the development of the mattress industry

Sleepwell is an important fair for the industry, because, as far as I know, it is the only fair focused on only mattress industry in Turkey and in the world. So, we, as one of the largest companies in the industry, have to support and participate in this event. For greater success for these kinds of organizations, several years are needed. We will keep on participating in the fair’s next editions.



As an export- oriented company, we put special emphasis on export marketing and the related activities. So, the fairs have assumed utmost significance from the standpoint of our targets. Opening its doors to the sector, the Fair hosts a unique platform where the latest technologies across the world and the new products manufactured in Turkey are displayed. SLEEPWELL EXPO attracts interests of those who want to sell product or to enter this market and wish to invest in the market. We think that the Fair would upgrade it performance further in its future editions. Thank you for all organizers, participants and visitors.




What do you want to comment on Sleepwell Expo fair that was held for the second time in Turkey?

The fair goes well. What is important for us is that it combines all fields of the bedding industry in one location. That removes the transportation barriers for communication among us and with customers. In this sense, it is good for us. I hope that next year it will expand more. For the time being I consider it positively, it was good.

What do you want to say about the participants and visitors? What do you think about the position of Sleepwell Expo in the future?

Sleep Well Expo is a new fair; organized first last year. We saw that it progressed and it will keep its growth next year, because I have been witnessing a radical change in customer profiles. Last year there were smaller companies from the sectors, but this year larger names and powerful brands were participating. Visitors were mostly from southern and Middle Eastern countries at the first edition of the fair. Now we see visitors from Eastern Europe, Russia, etc. I believe that next year they will come more. Naturally it depends on the efforts you will put behind the organization.



We have been feeling the need for such a special fair to be held in Turkey since the mattress industry in Turkey has been booming in past several years. As a supplier in the sector, it made us happy. It is a clever idea to unite both all mattress producer companies and their suppliers in one location. We are supporting this initiative. Customer and visitor profile of the fair is just what we expected. They are knowledgeable in their business and are real professionals. However, there may be more promotional effort for the fair because some of our friends and peers were not in the fair. We guess that they were not contacted for the event. We think that next year both promotional activities in and out of the country and participants will be higher than before. Thank you for all.



We had participated in the first edition of the show last year too.  The level this year is medium. We are expecting buyers come and see our products. We are having a better-organized show than last year now. The exhibitors and visitors seem the same type of last year’s. Visually it is more successful but number of visitors should be reconsidered.

Filling a gap at this regard is a good idea. We wouldn’t participate in a mattress show before. We started this with your show. Gathering of all parts of the sector under one roof is nice and hoping it to be better day after day is nicer. Thank you



What would you tell about second edition of Sleep Well Expo Fair?

I have been for 19 years in this business. This is our second participation in Sleep Well Expo fair. In fact, this is its second edition. In my opinion, I see that this fair looks very promising for 2 or 3 years later. In spite of being held for the second time this edition is quite successful. Our customers came from many countries. We have met with the new customers and I think lots of firms and countries observe the fair through a good eye regarding Turkey featuring great in the furniture sector both in the Middle East and Europe. I guess this fair will take its place across the world like Interzum and with participation of lots of international firms and international manufacturers. So, in my opinion, I hope this venue will be a hub for the sector. I have also seen that light in this fair and as Şiteks I suppose we will join this fair continuously. Thank you.



What do you want to comment on Sleepwell Expo fair that was held for the second time in Turkey?

We had nice days at the fair, where a great many exhibitors and visitors came from abroad. 90 percent of our visitors were foreigners. We could only see limited number of domestic visitors in our booth. We wait for more domestic visitors.

What do you think about participating companies?

They were mainly from three sections: Machinery manufacturers, raw material suppliers and mattress makers.



We had the opportunity to see at Sleepwell Expo generally all developments related to the machinery and raw materials adapted to the latest technologies. The demands of customers were great. There weren’t too much demand from domestic market probably because of bed weather conditions but the show was very good in general. It will be a fair improving the sector in the future. Thanks to this event we have noticed that especially the machinery sector has recorded an outstanding development. Thanks to all people involved in the organization.



What is important especially for us, we had met with some of domestic customers whom we did not saw them for a long time. It was good to see them, because we changed our focus on export markets. 80 to 90 percent of our production is exported, because domestic market has reached its plateau. Sales are important though having talks with our customers are also important.

For us, as machinery suppliers for the mattress industry, it is right to present here, but mattress producers may have been here as visitors, not as participants. There must be more companies in the fair as producers of fabrics, felts, springs, foam etc. When participants profile is expanded, there will be more visitors in the fair.

I believe in the success of the event in coming years. I filled evaluation forms, and mentioned our assessment.   Fairs are good, because we need more promotion for the industry.



It was an extremely successful show and we, the exhibitors, are very pleased. Especially the foreign visitors here target-focused. We are planning to participate next year too.  The visitors were definitely right audience. They knew what they wanted, and it was important that they were wholesalers or manufacturers. I hope and I believe that Sleepwell Expo will come to a position to compete with Interzum in the next five years. Thank you.



The show met our expectations. We welcomed a great deal of interest. We especially welcomed excellent demands from foreign customers. The show is developing fast on the way to become a more international fair probably because of advertisements. I am sure that it will make its presence felt more with the participation of big companies and as far as I know, most of them will come to Turkey. It is a good feeling to organize this show and to bring those leading companies to our country.



This is the first time we exhibit at this show. In the first edition, we came as visitors and witnessed that it is a good exhibition, we decided to participate this year. We are very happy for our decision. We are considering exhibiting next year too. We are participating in many fairs. Usually many of the visitors are not the right audience but it is different here. The right people for the sector have come. The visitors also the people who got what they look for here. Thanks to those who have contributed to this success.



We are in a fair where we have to be. It is very important that this fair is held in Turkey. It currently meets all of our expectations. Since it is a very young fair we don’t bear too big expectations but to be here is very important. It is a fair to be a center for Turkey and for the surrounding countries should the time passes and efforts are made. I hope the organizers work hard to accomplish this.



We, as Yatas family, are extremely happy to be at Sleepwell Expo of which second edition is held this year. As is known, we, as Yatas Group, are one of the most experienced firms of the Turkish mattress industry and we are very keen on contributing to the development of the industry and to help Turkish manufacturers get bigger shares from the world market pie. With the same token, we are proud of being here and to witness the development of the sector. Our manufacturing and trade adventure, which started as the first foam factory in Anatolia in 1976, has been continuing with production of foam, mattress, armchairs with bed, armchair sets, modular furniture and home textile products and we are offering these products to consumers through Yatas brands such as Enza Home, Yatas Bedding and Selena. Again we have been active in bulk sales with our hotel products selling brand Yatas Projects.

When we compare Sleepwell Expo with similar fairs, this is a specialty fair combining all, machinery manufacturers, raw material suppliers and finished product producers. From this point of view, it is the pupil of developing Turkish mattress industry compared to others. Currently there are over 600 manufacturing companies in Turkey producing 40 million mattresses annually. The production of their sub-products, complementary products and other sleep products are also manufactured in Turkey. For this reason Turkey has been continuing to develop one of the few sectors not having current account deficit. When we look at the attendance of Sleepwell, we see that there are many visitors coming from different regions such as Balkans, Middle East, Africa and Asia. It has an important and lucrative meeting point identity for exporting manufacturers, for those who search for different technologies in domestic market. To me, Voli Fair Services Company has gifted a new milestone to the Turkish mattress industry with Sleepwell Expo.



What do you want to comment on Sleepwell Expo fair that was held for the second time in Turkey?

I am rather new in this sector. However, it was so beneficial for me. I found several opportunities to learn about the industry and the basic elements of a mattress fair. We found many people who are active in several stages and aspects of the industry. We also observed their recent collections and watched the developments in the industry.

What do you want to say about the profiles of visitors and participants in the fair?

I made a quick visit to the booths and I noticed that there were many domestic and foreign companies. Major companies had booths in the fair. Although the fair is so young, number of participating companies and visitors will be more in the future. There are some furniture-focused fairs but there wasn’t fairs specially focused on mattress, sleep products and related categories and now a fair at this field has been developing. I believe it will be more important and successful in the future.



We have witnessed that Sleepwell Expo has grown more this year than its last year. We have experienced a lucrative show. I would like to thank to the organizers and everybody who contributed to this success. We have made established important relations from domestic and international markets. We are satisfied at this manner.

As for the machinery field, we, as machinery manufacturers, should support this fair. If it continues this way, it will be better quality than many similar fairs around the world in a few years. It has pulled attention of everybody that it covers all related fields from machinery to mattress supply industry and its nature of being dedicated only to the mattress industry. I have no doubt that we will reap the fruits of this show in the years ahead.