Sleepwell Expo | Stand Installation

Technical Conditions for Stand Installation

1. Stand height and general outlook

The stand height in Hall 9 – 10 is 4 meters. Technical information should be taken from organizers for the stand height for the right entrance and left balcony of Hall 9 – 10. (0212 604 50 50)

Foyer stand height at Hall 9 – 10 is 2.70 meters.

The stand height at Hall 11 is 3.50 meters. The foyer stand height at Hall 11 is 3.50 meters.

The backside parts higher than 2.50 meters of stand walls remain in neighbor position to each other should be covered and painted by smooth and neutral tones for example; white fabric, without print smooth color vinyl, paint, etc. Using any logo, image, slogan, etc. by participants on these areas are forbidden.

2. Use of air, water, electricity;

The organizer has the obligation to install electricity, water and air installation on the spaces which are determined by the participants. The distribution and connection of these installations in the stands belong to participants or architectural firms. The authorized personnel who might make these works must have the necessary certification and information. The demands of electricity, air and water connections must be informed to the organizer firm one month ago of the installation. Air and water connection is not available at Hall 11.

3. Use of stand area

Designing of the stands must be made completely remaining inside of the stand without overflowing,
– Exhibited machines and equipment, lightening armatures, advertisement billboards, structural extensions of stand.
– Consoles, plasma TV type equipment,
– Promotion materials; mascot, roll up, booklet hangers, etc.
Use of every kind of materials which overflow the stand floor is absolutely forbidden.

4. Double storey stands and other special structures;

The weight carrying capacity, static durability, structural safety of double storey buildings are in the responsibility of participant firm or if there is, in the subcontract participant firm. The compensation will be met by the participant firm in case of every kind of harm that might result in insufficient weight carrying-capacity modular systems or false calculated installation.

5. Use of ceiling space of fair area

Hanging of things from ceiling construction at the Halls is not permitted. The construction of fair area technically was not made suitable for hanging and loading.
Hanging of banner and posters of which sizes and features are determined by the organizer over the stands will be provided by the organizer in a coordinated way in the first day of installation through payment.
Regarding ceiling construction is not adequate at Hall 11, hanging banner or poster is not permitted.

6. Use of glass and acrylic materials

Use of glass and acrylic materials at stands must be in sufficient thickness and comply with the necessary safety conditions. The edges of these kinds of materials, which overflow, must be burred.

7. Events inside of stands

Upper level of noise is 60 Db in the events which are held in stands. The organizer has authority to cut off electricity of the stand after warning one time when noise might be over 70 Db. Organizer will not be responsible from the damages which happen from the aforementioned applications. The participant must inform the organizer about the music events that would perform during the fair.
The participant is responsible to take the necessary safety measures against accidents in the stand during the product application and demonstrations.

8. Catering, logistic and promotion;

– The official catering firm of the fair venue is EXPO FOOD and RIPIDE, however other catering firms are forbidden in fair area.
– The official logistic firm, which serves to the fair area and halls in order to meet the needs of crane, forklift and workers, is assigned by the organizer.
– The participant firms must be carried out their promotion activities in their own stand area. Circulating mascot, distributing booklets, flyers out of stands and flying zeppelin in Halls are not permitted. Apart from these, the activities to be held are subjected to the permission of organizer.

9. Interfering to the structure of halls

Changing of the halls structure is forbidden such as drilling in a harmful way for the building, painting, welding and similar processes. The expenditures of repairing and changing which appear at the end any application will be billed by the organizer to the participant firm.

10. Demounting of the stands;

Following demounting of the stands, participants and architectural firms must deliver the stand areas as empty and clean in the same feature that was delivered to them before the fair. Cleaning up and discarding of debris and wreckages which happen following construction and delivering of the area as clean are in the responsibility of participant and authorized subcontracted firms.

In the case, debris and wreckages would not be taken from the area, the organizer will take the pictures of debris and wreckages and the work that made by its own subcontract will be invoiced to the related participant firm.

11. Approval of the stands;

The prepared stand drawings must be approved by the official of organizer. The organizer has the right to interfere to the unapproved projects in the every stage. The drawings of which all measures readable must be sent one month ago from the fair to in order to be approved.
This approval is the control whether aforementioned matters abide by rules or not. The applications of electricity, mechanical, architectural, etc. are completely in responsibility of the participants.