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* The only fair of mattress and sleep products of Turkey, the Middle East, Balkans and former Eastern Bloc countries, the 2nd SLEEPWELL EXPO is going to be held in Istanbul,22 -25 October 2015.

* Turkey will fill the production gap in the mattress and sleep products sector in Eurasia!


VoliFuar brought in a brand new fair to the mattress and sleep productsindustry. Second edition of the fair, which is going to be held between 22 and 25 October this year under the name of Sleepwell Expo, is going to start with innovations.

Remarking that the developments in the Middle East provide great opportunities, VoliFuar officials stated that they desire to expand to Europe as well as Egypt and Syria in the mattress and sleep products sector.

Sleepwell Expo Mattress and Sleep Products Fair, a new and only specific fair in the region, is going to be held at İstanbul Fair Center in, 22 – 25 October 2015.  Prepared to meet the intense demand towards the mattress sector and benefit from the gap in the Middle East market, the Fair is presenting the innovations in the sector.

The fair, which is exciting and has a high commercial income in the aspect of the sector, takes the advantage of the country’s being in an ideal location both commercially and geographically. The fair, in which visitors from a great versatile of countries and buyers from Iran, Russia, England, America, Germany, China and Greece are expected, waits for a large procurement committee from all around the world by the support of Uludağ Association of Exporters.


Counting down forSleepwell Expo Mattress and Sleep Products Fairstarts! swe-grsl1

A business volume of millions of dollars, inSleepwell Expomattress and sleep products sector…

Anticipated to be the biggest fair of the world in the sector of bed and sleeping products, Sleepwell Expo Fair gives the signals that it is going to create a business volume of millions of dollars in the sector, with more than 100 participating company.

In Sleepwell Expo Fair, where the buyers of office, hospital and residence projects, mattresses, which are used at hotels and in the boat and yacht industry as well as residences, are going to be exhibited.



swe-grsl2Fair, targeting the leadership of the world…

Fair managers, who are pointing out that there is not a specific fair in the sector of bed and sleeping products, are stating that assuming an important role in the aspects of the domestic and foreign markets the fair, where the developments in the sector are followed closely, is going to be the biggest organization of the world on its own lane.

According to the statements made by the officials of the Ministry of Health, 90 thousands of the bed capacity of 130 thousand at the hospitals is going to be renewed from zero into the statues of high-technology, in the following 4 years.

The officials, who are stating that the healthcare sector is an important and strategic one for Turkey similar to the world in general, informed that the city hospitals with the bed capacity of almost 25 thousand are going to be open for tender within a year. Therefore, hospitals and hospital rooms of between 45 thousand and 50 thousand beds are going to be renewed to be qualified and high-technology by 2018. swe-grsl3

For the bed sector which is going to come into prominence in the tenders to be opened in the forthcoming days, Sleepwell Expo Fair gains importance for one more time.

Sleepwell Expo, which has the feature of being the first specific fair in the bed sector in Turkey, is organized by VoliFuar. Intending to provide brand new expansions to the mattressindustry, Sleepwell Expo hosts the organization in order to revive the sector and gather the leaders of the bed industry with its organizations in İstanbul.

Having caused to a great repercussions in the sector, Sleepwell Expo Fair, where participants and visitors from all around to world are expected, gets an intense attention from İstanbul and Anatolia alongside with the suppliers coming from various countries. In the fair, the participants from Kayseri, Denizli, İnegöl, İzmir and Ankara take place as well as the ones from İstanbul.



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