We made an interview with Marc Dokter, Owner & Managing Director ENKEV Natural Fibres about SleepWell Expo 2015

Enkev is a creative group of companies with a long history in the production and development of materials made of natural ingredients. They work with customers in the mattress, horticulture, packaging and automotive industry globally. Nature constantly replenishes these raw materials, which are unsurpassed in resilience, durability and ventilation. So Enkev supplies a complete environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic materials. Enkev is a company that has strong roots in the Netherlands. But, with branches in the UK, Poland, Russia and France, and joint ventures in China and Sri Lanka. Enkev is a truly global company.

Can you give information about you and your company briefly?

“My name is Marc Dokter. I am CEO of the Enkev Group. Our company is a group has many manufacturing facilities located in all Europe. We have one in England, Poland and Belgium. We are Enkev, and we make quality products from natural fibres. Since our foundation in 1932, we have become the leading processor of natural fibres. Our products can be used in almost limitless types of applications. We make filling and covering materials for the mattress and furniture industry, but our natural products are also great for packaging purposes, automotive seating, filter products and many more. We use only the very best natural sources to make our products. We produce a wide range of products from natural fibres in countries and on two continents, with exports to more than 40 countries on all continents. We sell our products which are made of natural fibers basically all of the world. Turkey is a growing country. We decided to be more closer to our customer.”

What do think about the second edition of Sleep Well Expo?

“The fair is a nice show for us. It is not huge but it is good for us, we made new people and prospects. We don’t need existing customer so it is interesting for us.”

What about next editions of the fair?

“It will be little bit depend on work. We are in the fair to take notice for our products.”