A phone ring at evening hours…

It was a January evening time my general manager gave me the ring. The working hours had ended. Mr. Soztutan asked the question direct: “What do you think about issuing a mattress magazine?” He didn’t mention a period for me to offer my answer. The conversation turned out to discuss the plans how we would challenge in this new business.

He titled the magazine as SLEEP WELL and we started logo studies the next day with full of enthusiasm. We started works and made a good issue for Interzum Cologne fair of that year with full support of the sector. The magazine has always recorded an uprising trend resulting the SLEEP TECH as a separate magazine which had been planned as a section in Sleep Well. These two magazines led us to organize the SLEEPWELL EXPO show. I cannot know if Mr. Soztutan had foreseen and planned this much when he called me in that January evening but I should admit that I had never thought this much. After a long period of time I learned the potential of the sector I had a strong belief that we could do. Finally, we believed, determined and planned the actions and we have become the part of three important brands serving the industry: Sleep Well magazine, Sleep Tech magazine and Sleepwell Expo international show. These brands belong to the sector and they are the reality of a big dream. I had mentioned some names in my previous article and I had thanked them for their important contributions for the beginning but I can’t continue mentioning and counting names because there are hundreds of people I need to offer my deepest gratitude. Thank you all. When it comes to the new decision we took for Sleep Well magazine, we have started to make the magazine bilingual, Turkish and English. As is known it was only in English to offer mattress and sleep products mainly to international markets at the beginning.

There was a demand to be influential in hotel projects and furniture markets in domestic market for all advertisers, we gladly accepted the demands and responded them positively although it brought us some more works. As of this issue, we are bilingual. We believe that there will be better relations with domestic market through the magazines. Another issue I would like to highlight is my main issue, the Sleepwell Expo fair. Although the 2nd edition of the fair was held in a tough time from the standpoints of conflicts broke out at home and abroad, it was productive. Welcoming over 5 thousand professional visitors whom 20% were foreigners coming from 74 countries, their being high-end professionals and realizing very important discussions, lucrative talks of UTIB buyer’s delegation all helped the show to be strong and productive.

We had some small problems and we received some warnings and advise from our exhibitors and we took note very seriously. Those advise and critics are among our most important assets. We have started to improve those issues. I can give the good news that the 3rd edition of the show to be held 20-23 October 2016 has already reached a respectful amount of bookings. Our major target for the show is to reach bigger numbers of exhibitors and visitors and to make the show more efficient, more international and more known. I hope and feel that we will organize better shows hand in hand with you. I wish all the best for you in the New Year.