SLEEP WELL Expo, the only show in both wings of the industry, the main industry and the subindustry and technologies, brings the professionals of the sector together in Istanbul Expo Center, 20- 23 October, 2016.

From raw materials to the finished mattresses, including the supply industry, components, machinery and technology SLEEPWELL EXPO Istanbul is the event showing the trends and latest products. The last edition of Sleepwell Expo – Mattress and Technologies Fair, which is the first and only fair in Turkey in its field, became an arena where 101 exhibitors, of which 79 were domestic and 22 foreigners, and 5,238 professional visitors followed.

Discover the story of mattress where you spend one third of your life

The mattress industry has been going through major changes leaving many ancient stages behind. Starting with grass and similar material stuffed putons and futtocks, it went through becoming springs and foams and developed up to memory foams today. The organic mattresses and well-developed innerspring mattresses are the most ideal items on our bedrooms.

The mattress industry to focus this event

Sleepwell Expo will represent a wide range of portfolio including the latest products of mattress manufacturers, pillow manufacturers, sleep products manufacturers, exporters and dealers, mattress exporters and importers, bedding manufacturers, home textile manufacturers, coverlet manufacturers, equipment firms, distributors, agents, firms who want to get distributorships, chain store purchasing authorities, local furniture stores, professional import and export firms, designers, hotel purchasing managers, interior design firms, experts of the private sector, mattress industry buyers and trade press portals… In short, all members of the industry come together at the Sleepwell Expo-Mattress and Technologies Fair.

Turkey continues to pursue its development worldwide with its rapidly increasing population, advantageous geography, and contribution of exports by its advantageous geography. One of the most important sectors in Turkey, without any doubt, is the mattress industry, mattress machinery and components industry. Developments, innovations and example solidarity of the sector which has been performed in the mattress sector in recent years, have become the factors which affect the sleep products sector positively.

Correspondingly, many positive economic indications which have been performed on behalf of the country and the sector in recent years, many regulations and directives made for the business volume and the mattress sector which has grown depending on the flow of foreign investments, indicate the importance of the SLEEPWELL Fair, which is an important area in the country. The mattress main sector, sub-industry, machinery and equipment fair which has been awaited for a long time by all sleep products industry professionals, will be successfully held for the 3rd time in Istanbul Fair Center, which is located opposite the Ataturk International Airport, 20- 23 October 2016.

The mattress industry in Turkey is growing rapidly. It has been known that the sector has reached the sales figures of 4 million in the local market in 2014. 95 percent of the market has been consisted of spring mattresses and remaining 5 percent of foam mattresses. The size of the market is very close to TL 1 billiard and the growth rate is 7%. 10 thousand mattresses of Turkey’s total 20 thousand daily are produced in Kayseri. After Kayseri, it comes Istanbul and Izmir. There are more than 400 manufacturers in Kayseri. The production capacity of these firms approaches to 2.7 million. Kayseri holds the half of the total production with 2.5 million mattresses. The share of the sector in the foreign market is approximately 60 million dollars.

Kayseri performs more than half of the total export value. The mattresses, which are produced in Kayseri, are exported mainly to France, Germany and The Netherlands and other European countries and the different countries of the Middle East. Representatives of the industry express that the trends that are seeking healthier, more comfortable sleep environments, play an important role in growth.

According to the industry representatives the 3 million of the 4 million mattresses sold, have been sold to the individual consumers, 1 million to the institutions such as hotels, dorms and hospitals. There are around one thousand hotels which are under construction with 800 thousand-bed capacity in the country and the private sector hospital investments are accepted as an indicator that the growth in the industry will be continuous. With the rising success trend of the industry, the request to announce this success publicly, the desire to have a say in the international areas, the expectations from the industry and that the Voli Fair is able to respond to these expectations and therefore Sleepwell Expo Mattress and Technologies Fair was appreciated by the mattress industry and the fair resulted in a great success.

The mattress industry officials now have bigger expectations from the 3rd Sleepwell Expo Mattress and Technologies Fair, which will be held 20-23 October 2016, after the success achieved at the fair and both the organizer and the exhibitors started to work for the grater targets.


Istanbul Fair Center which hosts Sleepwell Expo Fair in its 9-10 and 11. Halls, is located in the area of Istanbul Ataturk Airport. Istanbul Fair Center is the most appropriate place to arrange the Sleepwell Expo Fair both with its infrastructure and transport and technical specifications. The venue of 18 thousand square meters in total with its lounge and technical facilities has greatly contributed to perform the fair successfully. The fair venue is very close to the airport in the terms of the international visitors. It is also very close to the subway station and to the intersection point where both TEM and E-5 connections. The service busses operated from the subway as the ring provided an advantage to visitors of the fair. “Our team who worked very intensive to perform Sleepwell Expo Fair successfully, had no difficulties to reach the information because of the industrial publications which have been published by Istmag Magazine Group, a group company with fair organizer Voli Fair,” Omer Faruk Gorun, Project Manager of the show, said. “Sleep Well and Sleep Tech magazines became the main media sponsors for the fair and since they publicized the event to the world at the preparation period, the show attracted a great many exhibitors and visitors from around the world.” For further information please visit the website of the event: